Food for thought – President-elect Trump gargles globalist tears, before decreeing their doom

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

As you can probably guess, I am absolutely ecstatic about President-elect Donald J. Trump winning the election yesterday. Like many other long-time supporters riding the Trump train to victory, I have finally felt a wave of relief wash over me as the forces of buggery and Bolshevism bawl their precious little eyes out.

While some may accuse me of being a sadist for revelling in the upset of the opposition, it certainly hasn’t deterred them from rioting and threatening to kill Trump and we “the deplorables”. But what else can we expect from those Libtard lemmings at the beck and call of the establishment, who consider it trendy to proclaim solidarity with the Communist Party and rant about “killing whitey”.

While Trump supporters have had to fend off paid assailants sent by the DNC, Trump has had to battle against the mainstream media, the globalist money-powers (i.e., predatory banks and lobbies) and the corrupt career cucks in Washington.

However, he was able to muster this gracious and inspiring victory speech for the world to hear (despite these odds being stacked against him and his supporters).

May God bless America, its people and their President-elect Donald J. Trump! We salute you, and your cause for Americanism to triumph over globalism!

Food for thought.