Food for thought – Methadone Marxists use children as human shields

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Today it was reported in the Herald Sun that Melbourne’s anarchist “activists” have been using children as human shields, to avoid police apprehension for squatting in half a dozen houses in Collingwood.

Thanks to comrade Dan Andrews $1.2 billion+ scrapping of the East West Link, which he assures us was totally worth it (FYI he also thinks the closure of Hazelwood won’t affect energy costs), these ringworms have been ruling the roost since March.

These so-called “anti-racism” oxygen thieves, who brandish poorly made banners decrying Trotsky’s favourite term of derision for “counter-revolutionaries”, were found in a sty of trash and used needles.

While most of us would consider this child abuse, for these depraved paedonormative parasites (paid out of the petty cash of Trades Hall and Soros’s globalist GetUp! Green fronts) its everyday living.

Question is how long are these black bloc wearing junkies going to be given free reign over the streets of our urban city centres?

Food for thought.