Food for thought – Iron eyes Ludlam laments at leaks

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

On Friday it was reported by their ABC that Senator Scott Ludlum was taking a “leave of absence” due to depression and anxiety.

While I’d love to suggest to Scott that he should grow his own anti-depressant medicine (instead of those serotonin re-uptake inhibitors being solicited by big pharma) I think it’s more important we address the cause of his angst.

Admittedly their ABC didn’t fill us in on the cause, but I’d like to speculate it has something to do with the Podesta e-mails.

According to one e-mail forwarded to John Podesta, Scott’s mates in Greenpeace and GetUp! had broken out “a few bottles of bubbly” to celebrate their sabotage of Australian mining.

While some might shrug this Soros funded toasting of treachery off as typical for this mob, I can’t help but feel if it were something Scott were proud of we would’ve heard about it in the daily Greens taking credit for things updates.

Also it was revealed their comrade Julia Eileen Gillard, had handed over $300 million of our tax-payer money to a Clinton “influence-peddling political slush fund” so Julia could become chairman of one of Hillary’s affiliated organisations.

But to be honest I hardly think Scott is bent out of shape by his socialist sisters “doing it for themselves” (seeing as though the destruction of nations is what the Greens love to encourage).

No, it is more likely Scott is troubled by his Green gravy train being decommissioned by the nationalist stakeholders that want a Trump train take over here (and throughout the Western world).

Food for thought.