Food for thought – Globalist steamroller gets Trump-rolled

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Hormone deficient trendy beta-bitches continue to impotently float around the Clinton campaign, desperately trying to convince voters their crooked candidate is ahead in the polls.

However like their “hours from birth” abortion policy, Clinton is set to be swiftly terminated from the Washington womb by the silent majority who’re fed up with her globalist criminality.

Perhaps it’s her anti-nationalist, ISIS funding, gun-grabbing, open border, paedophile defending, support for a domestic terrorist group (who wants to “kill all white babies”), but I’m keen to see this harlot head to prison as soon as possible.

While Hillary’s demolition of democracy continues to be financed by the oligarchical usury of globalist grubs, the Trump train continues to defy Democrat derailment like Dr. Emmett Brown’s time machine at the end of Back to the Future 3.

With the pretentious pinko freaks in Hollywood quaking in “abject fear”, and the parasites in the lame-stream media choking on cuckold scripts produced by the political gimps of predatory banks, the triumph of Trump’s pro-Americanism appears to be imminently upon us.

Food for thought