Food for thought – The commies who cried lone wolf

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Over the course of the last month (more specifically, since President-elect Donald J. Trump overwhelmingly won the U.S. Presidential election), rampant insanity has been amplified in America. These same mentally-diseased Democrat dullards who were bankrolled to incite violence at Trump rallies, are vamping up their staged hoax hate-crimes.

As was reported by Breitbart News the other day, 15 of these “hate-crimes” that were disseminated by the globalist “mainstream” media were found to be utterly fraudulent and were used entirely to defame Trump supporters.

In fact, the only instances of violence or abuse these lowlifes in the globalist media are likely to find are provocative set-ups by Democrat Party operatives posing as Trump supporters.

While these slanderous falsehoods are peddled by the globalist media, these deranged Democrat dullards have been carrying out widespread attacks against Trump supporters (here are 8 notable physical attacks that have been verified by WorldNetDaily).

Even here in Australia we have certain deranged high-profile Communists interpreting this anti-Trump media bias as blanket immunity to behave badly. Hence, like a certain boy who cried wolf, these Left-wing loons have quickly lost any lingering credibility they may have had with the community (which may prove problematic if “lone wolves” were to actually attack them).

Food for thought.