Food for thought – America reject globalism, before it is too late!

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

I have been awake since the early hours of this morning (before polling stations had opened in the United States) watching the glib scum in the mainstream media continue their hate campaign against Donald J. Trump.

Be under no false impression, the stakes involved in this Presidential election are monumental! These globalist elites who are out to derail the Trump train’s agenda to drain the swamp in Washington (and make America great again) will not refrain from throwing any punches.

Their agenda is to see hours-from-birth abortion, open borders, gun-enforced gun control, the demasculinization of males, the feminist-led destruction of Western civilisation and the bio/nuclear annihilationist end-game triggered by escalating resource, race and religious wars.

Between the media, the trans-national banking cartels, the career politicians engaged in child trafficking and satanic paedophile rituals, these globalist operators will be doing anything and everything to rig the results.

America, make sure you vote Trump today, so the virtues of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not held hostage by the Orwellian tyrants that would rather have you dead, enslaved and subject to an abject existence.

Food for thought.