A Ryan Rant – Episode 16 (Pepe Mode)


Multiculturalism has long been marketed by the radical Left as being totally compatible with white people and their culture. However its employment by the establishment has proved to be totally contrary to this claim.

Where once the strength of monolithic societies fought against alien immigration into white majority homelands, the system now explicitly and implicitly frames white identity as antithetical to human evolution.

This in part explains the depreciating birth rate of White people throughout the Western world, and why disproportionately high rates of non-white crime directed at whites is merely shrugged off as “sh*t happens”.

What’s more heinous are the radical Multiculturalists like ANTIFA who believe white dispossession is not only “justified” but that the rape, murder and mutilation of white women and children by non-whites should be celebrated.

Ironically groups like ANTIFA, which are almost exclusively made up of young white anti-white nihilists, are bankrolled by various globalist outfits proclaiming to be “anti-racist” organisations.

What’s undeniably clear about this Multiculturalist “diversity” agenda is that whites will continue to be the primary scapegoats for its problems, and the ultimate losers in its continued implementation.