A Ryan Rant – Episode 14 (Pepe Mode)


America, like the rest of the Western world, is plagued by cultural Marxist media sources.

Take for example the subsidiaries of Comcast which exclusively solicit the Cuck Nagging Bolshevik Crap (CNBC and NBC) overseen by Chairman Brian Roberts out of Rockefeller Plaza.

Or how about Time Warner’s assorted rat –traps, like the Clinton News Network (CNN), which bolsters anti-white diversity programming alongside Turner’s Network Television (TNT) and the cringe-worthy Cartoon Network.

Or how about the degenerate propaganda seen on the likes of MTV and the pre-teen philo-pervert network Nickelodeon, as overseen by Sumner Redstone.

Or what about the degeneracy of modern Disney, which has been spearheaded by Robert Iger and his assorted cronies. Their ABC is just as destructive as the one here in Australia.

Or even Bloomberg Limited Partnership Broadcasting, as overseen by comrade Michael Bloomberg, is another brain melting operation for misdirection.

And of course there’s the globalist conglomerate Fox which shills for the grand parasite Rupert Murdoch.

With 90% of the media owned by a wealthy few, is it any wonder why 94% of Americans no-longer trust the mainstream media?