The Marxist Zombie Apocalypse


Everywhere you go these days you’ll see zombies. At the shops, on Netflix, at the movies, on social media. It’s a fad that’s passed me by. What’s so fascinating about the brain-eating undead?

Walking dead photo
Zombie Walk..great.. Photo by garryknight

There is a reason that so many kidults are watching and playing The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, Left 4 Dead and World War Z. As always, the popular culture of a society can reveal what anxieties are bubbling underneath the surface in people’s minds.

In my view vampire fads, for example, express a repressed disturbance around ideas of virginity and purity in a society. Vampire stories first made waves with Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel, written during the sexually uptight Late Victorian period. One of the reasons Twilight was such a hit with teen girls, in my opinion, was that they could indulge all their fantasies of Bella’s and Edward’s romance without there having to be any icky scariness about its consummation. Bella’s romance with Jacob the werewolf was not so idealised. Dogs have needs.

I had to do research to write that last paragraph. Promise.

This helps us understand many of the popular culture fads we’ve seen over the decades. Godzilla emerged from a Japanese society traumatised by being conquered by us white devils and nuked in the process. The slasher flicks of the late 70’s and 80’s were a phenomenon right when serial killers seemed to be jumping out of every white van across America. Superheroes first emerged during the crime waves of the 20’s and early 30’s in America, and alien invaders first invaded cinemas when anxieties about air warfare and nuclear armageddon were appearing in the news. So what then accounts for the zombie phenomenon?

I believe the zombie trend has taken hold because, deep down, we all know that Western civilisation is collapsing. The mental disease which is creating the zombies destroying it is Marxism.

Culturally, financially, demographically and politically Western societies are being swamped under the onslaught of Marxist zombies. This process is furthest advanced in Western Europe, is proceeding swiftly in North America and, as usual, Australia and New Zealand are a few years behind. Make no mistake though. The same intellectual virus which is currently ripping Europe apart will manifest on the streets here soon enough.

Just like in any good zombie shooter game, there are different types of zombies which are destroying our beloved civilisation. I can identify three in particular: Social Justice Warriors (SJW’s), entitlement parasites and Third World immigrants. We’re going to need a lot of shotguns.

The disease which has created this horde of mindless zombies is not a biological one. You don’t catch it through bites or scratches. It’s an intellectual virus which transmits culturally and has been mutating constantly throughout the modern period. We even thought we’d eradicated Marxism with the fall of the Berlin Wall, only to find it had been evolving and spreading behind our backs throughout the Western education system while we were focusing on Russia’s nukes.

The first type of zombie I’ve identified is the main carrier and disseminator of the virus. SJW’s not only infest our education system, public and private bureaucracies, establishment media and large corporations. They control them. We are quite literally ruled by a zombie horde that is fanatical about turning everyone else into zombies too. If they can’t make you a zombie through indoctrination, they’ll make you dependent on the state so you turn into one by proxy. If even that doesn’t work, they’ll just swamp your city with hostile foreigners who seek to bring the delights of Mogadishu, Lahore or the West Bank to your once-serene city.

Black lives matter protest photo
Black Lives Matter protestors, pretending to be dead. Or taking an afternoon nap. I don’t know. On a freeway.Photo by Fibonacci Blue

The SJW zombie is the most dangerous. Just have a look at a leftist demonstration some time and you’ll see how dead-eyed, vicious and determined they are. Try talking plainly to one in a corporate HR department and you’ll quickly see how much they want to destroy you.

Despite being completely insane, SJW zombies are usually of above-average intelligence. They are the zombie bosses. For those of us left who are still not infected, they must be dealt with the most harshly. You’ll need more than a chainsaw.

The second category of Marxist zombie I’ve identified is dangerous in that they are often not completely obvious. You can spot an SJW a mile away (the virtue-signalling is an easy tell) but entitlement zombies are deceiving because they can look like they are still alive on the outside. Do not be fooled though. These zombies feast on the brains of the young and productive to meet their perverse needs.

These zombies are the ones who receive some form of government largesse pilfered from the present and future incomes of the living. They are perhaps on a pension, or are high users of free public healthcare. These are usually individuals who have been rendered completely useless. There are entire zombie communities in this country where no-one pays into the government mafia system and everyone in the community is fed by the dead hand of government redistribution.

Not all of these entitlement zombies are in the underclass, however. Real estate developers, owners of companies which rely on government contracts and other crony cartelists are included in this category. They may have a box at the rugby and own shares in a horse running in this year’s Melbourne Cup, but they are not productive individuals. They are undead parasites upon the public purse who are destroying the country’s future to fund their lifestyle in the present.

The final category of zombie destroying the West are the Third World immigrants. They are the most obvious and over time will become the most numerous. Once all the living have been eradicated these will be the only zombies left. In my view, however, they are the least dangerous at the moment. In the future, that may change. They just shouldn’t be here. If the other zombies weren’t destroying our birth rates through feminist ideology and oppressive taxation as well as stacking electorates with hordes of leftist voters, we wouldn’t have mass immigration. We’d be replacing ourselves and would have a government that represented our interests rather than its own.

muslim migrant photo
Photo by mikecogh

What makes immigrants from hostile cultures so bold is our cultural cowardice. We have been cucked by Cultural Marxism so much that we don’t even require assimilation anymore. Many immigrants who come here and respect the West and its achievement are then shocked by the anti-white drivel their children are taught in school by SJW zombies. How can a civilisation be worthy of emulation when it won’t even stand for the values and beliefs of its people? And why is this lesbian teacher teaching my nine-year-old how to use a dildo?

For many white nationalists, Third World immigrants are the zombies they focus on the most. I can understand why, however if we don’t get rid of SJW’s and entitlement parasites then our societies will still perish anyway. Whether the invasion is peaceful or not, today or tomorrow, the collapse of the West will lead to our demographic displacement. Being swamped by Third World refugees today is merely hastening the process.

If we get rid of the first and second type of zombie, it will be easy to ship the third category back to their zombie homelands. Of the ones who remain, I suspect many will quickly put away their tribal customs once we begin to assert our culture and identity.

As a final disclaimer, and to help make sure XYZ doesn’t get sued, I’m not arguing that you should take a shotgun to your nearest Gender Studies university department. At least not at the moment, anyway. That will only create more zombies. This virus is intellectual and cultural, not physical; therefore our battle is an intellectual and a cultural one. That means intellectual and cultural weapons for now. If we wish to save this country from being completely destroyed, then we’ll need to co-ordinate and we’ll need a lot of heavy weaponry. Just make sure you’ve got plenty of ammo and that you don’t miss. Aim for the head.

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