Food for thought – Rainbow wonderland where whitey is to blame

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Labor leader Bill Shorten was suckling at their ABC’s microphone this morning, which for anyone who bothers to listen to the mainstream media anymore knows this is a daily occurrence for the notorious rainbow race-baiter.

Meeting with LGBTQIP activists, bighead bloated man boob Bill spent his precious airtime reiterating his mantra against the “vast right wing conspiracy” in Australia (suggesting that anyone opposed to same-sex marriage is an “irrelevant” scumbag).

Yes Bill we get it, you have a hard-on for a year round Mardi-Gras so you can slip into something more comfortable during the day.

When pressed about an Aboriginal death in custody, Silly Billy suggested the reason why there is a “disproportionate” amount of blacks in prisons is because “of the colour of their skin”.

Meanwhile their ABC have also reported today that there is steady migration of Africans heading to Europe and our shores. Don’t worry Bill more unsuspecting blacks on their way for you to hoodwink with your ‘whitey is to blame’ bulldust.

Food for thought.