Food for thought – The misfit march to amplify animosity

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Previously I’ve commented on a particular posse of pariahs called ANTIFA, who’re a particularly nasty bunch of paid-assailants leeching off the Soros subversion machine and various trades hall affiliated sponsors.

Only today I’ve heard of yet another attack being levelled against a patriotic Australian at their home by these masked “black bloc” wearing cowards, who threatened to harm and destroy the property of the individuals inside.

These useful idiots of the open border “kill whitey” cult, spend their dole-collecting days doing everything humanly possible to ruin the reputations, personal lives, and psyches of young and old who think Australia should be for Australians (which admittedly is a controversial concept for these quislings).

They proclaim they’re the “voice of the working-class”, yet appear to be very good at getting working-class Australians axed from their jobs (while vandalising businesses and property with swastikas and anarcho-punk symbols).

Crying foul anytime “reactionaries” hit back against them and their Green Left comrades, these impulsive low IQ degenerates appear perplexed as to why their force attracts a counterforce.

With their list of “enemies” growing by the day, and their deplorable antics directly contributing to the return of Pauline Hanson to the parliament I feel rather bemused at their self-imposed butthurt.

Food for thought.