Food for thought – Crooked corruption needs crushing to the curb

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Watching the third and final debate roll out has solidified my convictions about this U.S. Presidential election.

Watching the preamble to the debate on ABC would leave the naïve viewer under the impression that Clinton is already President and that the Trump “deplorables” are less American than the illegals and “refugees” flooding into America.

As usual Hillary was allowed to ramble on with little to no restraint by the moderator Chris Wallace, yet Wallace vigorously shut Trump down throughout the debate.

As James O’Keefe from Project Veritas Action revealed the other day, the Clinton campaign directly financed violence at Trump rallies and are behind an operation to commit mass voter fraud.

Neither of these points were put to Clinton by the moderator during the debate, and the mainstream media (MSM) has done a total blackout on it.

In fact WikiLeaks has revealed Clinton’s campaign has huge control over MSM content, hence why unsubstantiated allegations against Trump dominate the narrative while the senile spinster Hillary gets a free pass.

What’s clear is the establishment is so corrupt and so pervasive that civil war will be unavoidable if crooked Hillary assumes control of the White House.

Stay armed and vigilant America!

Food for thought.