Food for thought – Lefty lowlifes need a good landing

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Today, Black Lives Matter “protesters” illegally broke through London City airport security to chain themselves down on the runway path, which ultimately shut down flights. It took police about 6 hours to apprehend these freaks, having to dismantle a tripod inside which these “protesters” had chained themselves.

Their delusional “message”, which has been reported on before by The XYZ, went as follows:

Climate change is a racist crisis.

In an extra act of lunacy, their ABC (along with other Left-wing media sources) have been repeatedly referring to these oxygen thieves as “anti-racism activists”, when they appear to be doing everything humanly possible to aggravate racist sentiment against black people.

Seeing as though these twits are now likely going to clog up the courts with their antics, before proclaiming themselves “political prisoners” when (or if) they get locked up, perhaps next time, let the planes land on them?

Food for thought.