Food for thought – The Left are the antithesis to civilisation

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Back in October of 1969 (during the militant Leftist “Days of Rage” riots in Chicago, Illinois) a mantra was originated, that has formed the basis of the modern Left’s outlook to the world. The mantra went as follows:

“Bring the war home”

This “war” of which they speak, postulates the notion that all the ills and conflicts of the world are the fault of white Western Christian culture. Thus their aim is to target predominately white nations with a concerted campaign to destabilise, demoralise and destroy Western civilisation, which naturally panders to those with either a low IQ or a cultural outlook at odds with Western values.

Their embrace of open-border, mass third world immigration (that heavily favours antithetical religious groups, such as Islam) and brow-beating institutions with divisive feminist, multicultural, gender-bender, green hysteric rhetoric, is intentionally designed to decimate social cohesion and exacerbate tensions.

Emphasising “Cultural relativism” (which insanely posits the idea that “all cultures are equal”) the Left habitually use buzzwords like “racism” and “Islamophobia” to frame “white flight” from their questionable handiwork.

Hence, like their Islamic “comrades”, who characterise the West as the polar opposite to their beliefs, the Left abides with a similar mindset, positioning the West as inherently evil.

Because the Western world now routinely resembles the “Days of Rage” riots on Amphetamines, a huge shift is underway to purge Leftist influence from power.

Food for thought