Food for thought – Estrogen junkies ride the Femocratic unicorn

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

For a while now there have been questions circling the U.S. president’s embrace of ‘gender fluid’ identity politics, so much so that it appears his husband “Michael” Obama may possibly be injecting the President with large dosages of estrogen.

Only a couple of months ago when President Obama forced states to allow transgender students to use toilets correlating with their “identified gender” (instead of the gender listed on their birth certificate) there was significant backlash from more than 20 states after Obama threatened to cut federal funding.

Sources have also suggested that Barack Obama intends to make a “pleasure trip” to San Francisco later this month. Coincidently, the Folsom Street Fair will be commencing around this time, where participants have been known to whip and urinate on their “partners” in public view. Footage has come forward, which suggests President Obama may have made previous nude trips to this event in the past.

Meanwhile, as lesbian communist Hillary Rodham Clinton grapples for the lead in the Presidential race, sources suggest Hillary’s health has been compromised by STDs caught from her predatory sex addict husband Bill Clinton. Hillary has tried to suppress these reports behind the scenes, however her herpes hipster pitch man hasn’t helped restore confidence in her.

As more “pink money” bolsters the Democrats’ war-chest to implement perverted public policy, we’ll have to pray common sense will prevail at the ballot box come November.

Food for thought.