Food for thought – Based Trump and basehead Hillary get a health-check

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

This week on their ABC’s coverage of the US presidential elections, viewers would have been hard pressed to know the truth surrounding Hillary Clinton’s health.

Instead of delving deeper into the glaring glitches in Hillary’s ailing appearance, their ABC vigorously tried to deflect the narrative towards Donald Trump’s health, by repeatedly referring to his use of “cholesterol-lowering medication” and being “overweight”.

Seriously, has their ABC noticed the size of Hillary’s ass and waistline, between her seizures, psychotic reactions, coughing fits, memory gaps and lingering lesions on her tongue?

Trump, who doesn’t drink, has never used recreational drugs, and has been fronting up like a bull at a gate for rallies, press interviews and assorted campaign media, is an absolute titan (unlike the cocaine-snorting lesbian Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has been avoiding press conferences for more than 250 days).

If I recall correctly, their ABC relentlessly laid into former U.S. President George W. Bush when reports arose that he’d been big on the booze and some cocaine usage while at college. Funny how the national broadcaster doesn’t do the same when it’s a doped up Democrat (like Obama or Hillary) against a raging Republican badass (whose only addiction seems to be dominating the deal).

Considering only 32% of Americans trust the establishment media, it begs the question: why anyone would listen (let alone subsidise) a national broadcaster that shills for a child-hating “frigid” basehead that wants to bolster FARC’s cash supply?

Food for thought.