Their ABC: Australia is a Rapefest


At the moment the wife, child and I are enjoying a holiday on the Gold Coast. Winter on the Gold Coast is like summer in most other places, so it’s perfect timing. Being out of my usual routine, I made a fatal mistake. Actually, I got so relaxed here on the coast that I made it twice. I accidentally let the TV stay on the ABC after the infant had amused himself watching the talking squigglies. The misandry in Peppa Pig already had me a little agitated, and then the news came on. I remembered quickly why I stopped paying any attention years ago to the Cultural Marxist agitprop our taxes are paying for.

5275483809_b297373265_Q-and-A-abcThe crusade against patriarchy is reaching a fever pitch over there at their ABC. The white knights and weasel-word warriors are charging hither and thither, forward and yon, with lances of outrage bristling and swords of indignation whistling through the air. What is the enemy they are charging around in circles trying to find so they can cheer ecstatically that their crusade is not just in their imagination? The unrepentant traditional Australian male, otherwise known as ‘The Australian Rapist’.

Two nights in a row this week, the army of the righteous at their ABC have sallied forth to find their foe. On Monday night, the target was a bastion of the patriarchy: the Australian Federal Police Force. The justification for forcing the AFP Commissioner to sit through a stern scolding by professional scold Leigh Sales was an ‘inquiry’. This sent my BS radar up. Whenever the ABC uses the words ‘inquiry’, ‘commission’ or ‘report’, you know you’re about to get lied to. If the report was ‘damning’, you’re damn well going to get lied to.

At the beginning of the interview, Sales opened by saying to the Commissioner that the AFP was a ‘cesspit’ of male sexual violence. I did a double-take. Surely that woman, who has never had to face physical danger once in her profession, did not just say to the Commissioner of the AFP that his organisation is filled with sexual predators? But she did. I waited expectantly. I was sure that if he didn’t draw his weapon, he would at least sternly reprimand this impudent journalist and remind her about the mortal danger his officers face in the line of duty protecting people like Sales from Very Bad People. I was disappointed. Not only did the Commissioner not man up and defend the reputation of his officers, he promised to ‘do more’ to root out The Australian Rapist in the ranks. How shameful.

The Inquisition thus appeased, Sales spent the rest of the interview driving in the thumbscrews and turning the wheels on the iron maiden. It was painful to watch. I wonder if the Commissioner’s testosterone levels will ever recover.

The next night it was the turn of the Inquisitors on that echo-chamber for the dumb, The Drum. This time The Australian Rapist has been at it all over the campuses of Australia’s universities. The frightbat who came on to the show to play the role of outraged victim was Anna Hush, who is apparently a ‘Women’s Officer’ at Sydney University. Miss Hush has one of the most interesting faces I’ve seen in a while. It seems she (I’m presuming it’s ‘she’ – she is a Women’s Officer) changed her mind at least three times during her last haircut. She also has enough shrapnel in her face to qualify for a Veteran’s Affairs Card.
Apparently The Australian Rapist is jumping bones all over the campuses of Australia. Miss Hush and her fellow zealots even wrote a letter. I wonder what the response of the Men’s Officers at Sydney Uni will be? That’s right, there are none. Silly me.

Of course the cry from the Inquisition panelists on The Drum and from Miss Hush is that there must be more feminism at our universities. More consent classes, more man-blaming sessions. One of the panelists, a characteristic ABC female supremacist, even argued shrilly that we should abandon the entire legal precedent of presumed innocence when it comes to rape allegations on campus. Now that’s absolutely medieval. It occurs to me though, that in a country gripped by feminist ideology, the most feminist places in Australia are surely our universities. It’s where the bulk of feminist indoctrination occurs. If feminism drives away The Australian Rapist, in much the same way garlic drives away vampires, then why is The Australian Rapist so rampant on campus?

The only answer must be that The Australian Rapist is a bogeyman, a bunyip, an imaginary creature summoned forth by the hysterical delusions of women who are so soaked in feminist orthodoxy that they see a rapist everywhere they look.

The righteous indignation, the imaginary enemy and the zealous mania of their ABC’s hunt for The Australian Rapist are signs of its lynch-mob nature. It’s a good, old-fashioned witch hunt. There is no Australian Rapist. This moral panic that the left is in the grip of is akin to the McCarthyism of Cold War America. The one difference, however, is that McCarthy was later proved right. These types of inquisitions are characteristic of ideological and religious movements that can feel their moral authority slipping away – we saw them from the medieval Church in response to Protestant heresies, from the Jacobins after the French Revolution, from the Bolsheviks in their show trials, from Maoists during the Cultural Revolution and in the West during the Cold War.

The Australian Rapist springs from the fevered imaginations of the Cultural Marxists at their ABC, the universities, the public sector and the leftist bureaucracy. It is a straw man designed to unify the faithful, intimidate heretics and show that righteousness is on their side. There are parts of the world where men are, broadly speaking, opportunistic rapists. Australia isn’t one of them.

Australian men aren’t perfect, but as a group we’re not rapists. We may display a rather juvenile obsession with sport, and many of us could do better at sticking with the missus once kids come along, but we’re not rapists. Why is the left obsessed with saying that we are?

One insight into the morbid psychology of the dying left that we’re seeing can be found in the work of social psychologist Jonathan Haidt. He’s a Professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business who has spent decades analysing the moral roots of political and cultural beliefs. Unlike most of the drivel produced by social sciences academics these days, his work is thoroughly grounded in empirical evidence. What he concludes is very revealing.

Put simply, and I hope accurately enough, Haidt has developed a universal framework for understanding human morality based on six innate moral foundations: care/harm, fairness (equality)/cheating, liberty/oppression, loyalty/betrayal, authority/subversion, and sanctity/degradation. According to Haidt, cultures develop their moral standards by prioritising or minimising each of these different moral foundations. Interestingly for us, this framework for comprehending the different moral standards of different cultures can also be applied to the political differences between left and right.

Leftists base their moral viewpoints almost entirely on the foundations of fairness and minimising harm. The last four moral foundations listed above are almost completely disregarded by leftists. This is why right-thinking men and women find leftism so detestable, and it also why leftists must constantly wage a propaganda war to maintain their belief systems. As the immorality of leftism becomes increasingly revealed by its consequences for society over time, leftists become more forceful in maintaining their control over the narratives that people receive. This is why leftists are becoming more aggressive and more insane as time goes on. The shaky foundations of leftist movements always require increasing totalitarianism for the movement to stay in power.

Key for us to understand is that leftists are trapped in a moral matrix that makes them immune to reason and evidence. Anyone who has tried to argue with someone who believes in The Australian Rapist using logic will attest to this. It is also why, in my opinion, we need to attack the left as immoral rather than as stupid. Leftists believe their cause is righteous; expose it as oppressive, degrading and treacherous and they may scurry away to reconsider what team they want to be on. No-one likes to be on the losing side.

If you enjoy Haidt’s talk below, which was given back in 2008, I recommend his book The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion. As we watch our societies further disintegrate under the onslaught from Cultural Marxism and Islamism, it can help right-thinking men and women to understand what’s going on and develop tactics to fight back against the control freaks who want to tell us what to think. If you’re honest and realistic and speak the truth plainly, the Inquisition is coming for you. If we can show that they are the witches, not us, then we might stand a fighting chance of making this country sane again.