Food for thought – Socialist slags off at 3-year-old Prince George

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Last week it had been reported that 52-year-old Angela Gibbins, a property assets manager for the British Council, publicly referred to 3-year-old Prince George as a “f—ing d—head” who is “white, privileged and publicly funded”.

Gibbins continued ranting on about contrasting the 3-year-old Prince with Syrian “refugees” (as an extra touch of idiocy to her remarks).

Even though neither Prince George nor his father the Duke of Cambridge are paid via the public purse, Gibben’s neglects to mention she’s paid a salary of £80,000 per year from a charity receiving £154.9 million of public funds per year (irony much).

While it takes a special kind of low-life to denigrate a 3-year-old in such vulgar terms, I’d be lying if I said I am surprised that the low-life in question is an unapologetic self-described “socialist, atheist and republican”.

Seeing as though the British Council don’t want a bar of Gibbins’ vile opinions, I wonder if she’ll be opting to become an organiser for the Trotskyist Socialist Party in Britain (they could always do with another ratbag passing out propaganda on street corners for them).

Food for thought.