Food for thought – Leftists on perpetual lap of lunacy

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Yesterday your XYZ received another ripper comment from a valued reader. Ben O’Neill responded to this article by posing the apt comment and question:

It’s funny they shut down greyhound racing because of a few bad seeds… Why does Islam and its Moslems get a free pass?

Why indeed do these Islamophile, open border, race-baiting, gender fluid, climate alarmist, snake-oil socialists feel the need to break out in enraged hysterics over the use of live baiting in racing, yet have no reservations about flooding the country with jihadist murderers?

As XYZ writer Moses Apostitacus outlined in a recent article, it is a shared hatred of the Western world that unites the regressive Left with the draconian Islamists.

Considering these “anti-racist” feminist Leftists are themselves routinely raped by their Islamic comrades, and yet feel “regret” and “guilt” about their attacker being deported, it is a testament to their lunacy.

But where does this lunacy come from?

While it infects much of our institutions (i.e. schools, universities, parliaments, churches and various agencies) the primary culprit of concern in my opinion is the PC establishment media (such as their ABC).

Whether they’re instigating the shut-down of the live cattle export industry; distorting facts to establish a Royal Commission into Juvenile detention; attacking offshore processing to agitate for open borders; deliberately disseminating Islamonormative reporting; promoting the deceptive safe-schools program; pushing for tougher laws restricting speech; daily pandering to climate change crazies; or plugging the anti-Israel Green Left line, their ABC is squarely to blame for this lunacy.

Though the silent majority prefer to pursue happiness rather than run laps around perpetual victimhood politics, it’s somewhat of a dismal race for all involved when the payout is the equal sharing of miseries.

Food for thought.