Food for thought – LaRouche logic a lingering campaign

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

From time to time I have folk in my network send me materials that disseminate the worldview of Lyndon LaRouche. LaRouche, who is undeniably a highly intelligent political operator, propagates a peculiar philosophy which I myself haven’t been immune from satirising in the past.

Here in Australia, LaRouche’s intelligence outfit is run by the Citizens Electoral Council, which ironically was at one time a pro-Monarchist social credit party, but now pushes the radically socialist anti-commonwealth agenda of LaRouche.

Depending on whom you consult, LaRouche and his international acolytes are characterised in a number of different ways. Regressive Leftists call LaRouche a “fascist crypto-Nazi”, conservatives call him a “Communist operative” and Jesse Ventura calls him a “controversial political dissident activist”. LaRouche’s affiliations over the years have encompassed militant far-Left cadres, Labor union officials, civil rights leaders and scientists.

LaRouchian philosophy is outlined in an expansive series of publications (i.e. books, magazines, newspapers, lectures and online media) that routinely talk of impending monetary and resource related crises that are attributed to free trade. These crises are framed as depopulation strategies spearheaded by the “British oligarchy” in order to bring about thermonuclear war.

In fact, most of LaRouche’s rhetoric advances the idea that the “Venetian-Dutch-British system” is responsible for everything threatening us. Whether it be the Islamic problem, political correctness, green politics, drugs, famine, genocide or plagues, the British Royal family is characterised as a kid burning ants (i.e. we the people) with a magnifying glass.

As I’m unsure this old-school 93-year-old radical will likely be around to see the next U.S. Presidential elections (post 2016), I’m wondering if LaRouche will get to see the oligarchy’s end game be fulfilled.

Food for thought.