Food for thought – D.T. phones the homeland

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Throughout the US Presidential election, the PC liberal establishment operators have been attempting to slice Trump open, like he were a certain Extra-Terrestrial on the autopsy table. However these elitist cosmopolitan tossers, brandishing the metaphorical scalpel, are finding themselves with their Bolshevik biohazard pants around their ankles.

With their lips firmly pressed against the ass of career criminal Hillary Rodham Clinton, these bewildered propagandists are lamenting at the fact that millions of Americans are turning off from their yellow journalism.

These limp-wristed lackeys of the crooked Clinton cartel are failing to fend off support for Trump because his candidacy represents the healing touch to Hillary’s establishment politics that are fueling cultural Marxism.

Typified by pinko mobs following in the footsteps of Red Army Faction and the Black Panther Party, the silent majority are quickly waking-up to this New Normal of Left-wing political violence.

America (and the Western world more broadly) is sick to death of this politically correct cultural Marxist garbage. Mockery and hatred against team Trump will only continue to fuel the train to the White House, and in so doing discard the freedom-hating PC agenda to the ashbin.

Food for thought.