Food for thought – Brandis deems Leftist bias a qualification

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Last week, when their ABC broadcast a hysterical Four Corners report about correctional procedures carried out in a NT juvenile detention centre (Don Dale), social justice warriors immediately went on the offended offensive.

To add to the hype, the “progressive” PM Malcolm Turnbull immediately established a Royal Commission into the Detention of Children in the Northern Territory. In my opinion, Turnbull’s kowtowing to the Leftist louts at their ABC mirrored the pathetic political decision-making of Julia Gillard (who shut down the live cattle industry after their ABC ran yet another Four Corners report).

So now we’ve got this Royal Commission happening into the detention of children.

First commissioner appointed by Turnbull was Brian Ross Martin AO, QC; however, he bowed out like a snowflake in summer after the outrage industry cracked the proverbial s—s.

In steps Attorney-General George Brandis to save the day (or maybe not).

Brandis picks two commissioners to replace Brian Martin: Margaret White AO (of whom I’m skeptical at the moment) and Mick Gooda, a Left-wing Aboriginal activist who immediately responded to the Four Corners program by tweeting:

“The Federal Government has to intervene and sack the NT Government”

While I personally have some choice words to say about this appointment by Brandis, I feel that it is best to leave you with these words from Australia’s most read columnist, Andrew Bolt:

“It is a sign of the desperation of the Turnbull Government – and of the poisonous influence of race politics – that Brandis has trashed one of the most fundamental principles of the justice system: that justice must be blind. A judge must – must – be impartial, if we are to have faith that we’ll get a fair hearing.”

Call me a Skeptical Sam, but I reckon Gooda would sooner plunge a sword into Lady Justice’s neck than be able to provide an unprejudiced outcome (because, let’s face it, the man’s mind is already made up).

Food for thought.