Food for thought – Waleed is scared and so am I

Picture sourced from Channel 10's program The Project.
Waleed and I. Picture sourced from Channel 10’s program The Project.

Waleed Aly, the glorified darling of the Liberal establishment media in this country, has professed to Australians the other day in his “Something we should talk about” segment that he is scared.

Waleed says he is scared of the “hostility and aggression” that threatens himself, his family, his friends and this country more broadly.

Waleed says he is scared, because The Australian newspaper published an opinion piece by a reader that expressed the need for “internment” of Muslims, as a solution to addressing the bourgeoning rate of Islamic terrorism sweeping the world.

Waleed appears to consider “people like him” to be facing unjust persecution from the “sick”  (i.e., those who voted for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party, those who supported Sonia Kruger’s remarks and those who responded in the negative to this poll conducted by their ABC News Radio).

As for me (one of the bigoted “sick”), I’m scared also.

I’m scared that certain high-profile patronising pinko presenters have the audacity to claim the moral high ground while engaging in apologetics for this cult of death (Islam).

I’m scared that naïve folk who listen to such presenters preach from their protected podiums will get hoodwinked into thinking they really care about striking an accord for peace, when all they have done up to now is stoke the PC outrage culture so much that the country is now drastically divided.

I’m scared that the regressive Left (who love Waleed), will continue to wage this ceaseless war between ever more narrowly defined groups of offended minorities, in order to decimate European culture so totally that we’ll be consumed by Jihadist aggression.

I’m scared that if good men and women do nothing, evil will triumph.

Waleed suggests that the “constructive” action needed is more SJW hashtag activism to #SendForgivenessViral. Call me a pessimist, but I reckon these SJW types would be better off focusing more on the tasks of daily living then engaging in Waleed’s version of “constructive” action.

I don’t seek the forgiveness of those who have been revelling in my bodily harm and the overthrow of Australia’s constitutional monarchy.

Food for thought.