Food for thought – Revival of the Hanson Phenomena

Image edited by Ryan Fletcher
Image edited by Ryan Fletcher

Assessing the results of the 2016 Australian Federal Election should come as little surprise to those of us not under the anaesthesia of the cosmopolitan commentators in the liberal media.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party defied all odds, by channelling the same vein as Donald Trump with the Republican nomination. They have dominated the congested ballots by situating themselves as the polar opposite to the violent regressive Left, Islamic extremism, and open border immigration.

With Malcolm Turnbull declaring Pauline Hanson “not welcome” in Australian politics a month out, Melbourne Leftists burning the Australian Flag only a week out, and another high profile Islamic terrorist attack three days out from election day, how can anyone be surprised at Pauline Hanson’s success?

Just going on the current numbers, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party has ranked in the top 5 performing parties in each state of Australia at the election. Yet the Left have made it clear (yet again) that they don’t care what the election results have to say.

When the slimy Greens leader, Richard Di Natale, delivered his nauseatingly old pinko platitude against Pauline Hanson (calling her “racist”, “bigoted” and vowing to “take the fight to her”) hundreds of thousands of Australians who voted for One Nation took direct offence to the smears being waged against them.

Let’s just recap what these Leftist lowlifes in the Australian Greens have done previously in taking the fight to One Nation; spitting, egging and bashing-up on elderly One Nation supporters. Oh yeah, bravo idiots; so heroic and totally not racist or bigoted at all (cough, SARCASM!).

Even cucks like former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett, who espoused in 1998 that Pauline Hanson was not welcome in Victoria, provoked more violent agitation by the red flag waving losers at a Hawthorn One Nation Party meeting (here’s footage I uploaded in 2012 of it).

Are we to see history repeat itself? Knowing the Left, it is a certainty!

Expect to see them shut down freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and assaulting those they deem to be “racist”, “homophobic”, “Islamophobic” and generally “heinous”. Expect them, because they know nothing else beyond acting like glorified criminals.

But also expect One Nation to grow as this occurs. Every time these cosmopolitan commentators denigrate those of us who resonate with One Nation as “rednecks” and “xenophobes,” then expect to see the Hanson Phenomena strengthen in ranks.

This politically correct train is about to be derailed – watch this space.

Food for thought.