Food for thought – Have their ABC got you seeing red?

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Image edited by Ryan Fletcher

This week has certainly been full of drama on their ABC.

We’ve had the neck deep Democrat worship (where the brown-nosing has gotten so bad you can’t tell where Hillary’s butt ends and their ABC’s head starts), the outrage over convicted juveniles receiving as badly as they’ve offended, and further figurative flogging of His Eminence George Cardinal Pell with more allegations of criminality.

Call me a Sceptical Sam but I’m not keen on the red cloak being waved in front of me by the Marxist matador that is their ABC.

They want you to love the PC race-baiting Democrats, because their ABC is ideologically orientated towards the poison being peddled by these socialising sycophants (who in principle would bolster the operating budget of the national broadcaster, to form their own taxpayer-subsidised propaganda mill).

They want you to downplay the severity of the crimes committed by these juveniles at Don Dale Youth Centre, by amplifying the outrage at the tough treatment dealt out by corrections officers (while inferring it would be sunshine and lollipops had the bleeding heart SJW mob been running the show).

They want you to deem George Pell guilty before proven innocent, based on unsubstantiated testimony that has arisen after he appeared as a witness in the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

If I were a betting man I’d imagine the ABC would be happier with a Labor/Green coalition at every level of governance in this country, with any religious official accused of a crime tied to a chair in a prison (while those proven guilty of violent crimes receiving reparations from the tax-payer).

Food for thought.