Food for thought – The racism of self-proclaimed “Anti-racists”

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Today, nationalist groups held an Australian Flag March Event outside the Victorian state parliament house, in response to the increasing tendency by the media (i.e. their ABC, The Age, The Herald Sun, ect), politicians (i.e. Bill Shorten, Malcolm Turnbull, and The Greens,) and Left-wing activists (i.e. Roz Ward, Socialist Alternative, Refugee Action Coalition, ANTIFA, etc.,) to label the national flag racist.

Of course, fundamentally for the self-proclaimed “anti-racists” (made-up of assorted fringe dregs, dragged out of the gutter from Trades Hall,) determining what is “racist” is viewed as anything institutionally aligned with our National flag.

Whether it be pertaining to sport, religion, education, law, defense, media, art, or language, anything that is done in the name of the Imperial spirit, (upon which our Constitutional Monarchy is derived,) is considered to be “heinous” by these mantra chanting Communist riff-raff.

However, if you were to raise the Australian Aboriginal flag, the black banner bearing the shahada, or their cherished red flag, you’re praised as one of the enlightened mob, whose politically correct group think allows you to contribute to the eternal warfare of victimhood, by bashing up young and old who bravely fly their Nation’s flag at a lawful rally.

While the liberal media continues to give airtime to these air-head Leftists, around the world we’re seeing a shift away from the PC agenda. Whether it’s the rise of the right throughout Europe, the result of the BREXIT referendum, or the Trump phenomena, we who take pride in our Western culture will not be harassed into silence!

Food for thought.