Food for thought – Oh Britannia, Independence Day is here!

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Like many of you, a wave of deep excitement and joy has powered over me this afternoon, with the news of Britain voting to leave the European Union dominating the news. To be honest, watching the liberal media lament the Brexit result is just one more rewarding feature, adding to the autonomy from the bureaucrats based in Brussels.

UKIP leader and Member of the European Parliament for the South East of England, Nigel Farage, expressed this victory best in a speech delivered only 20 minutes from the BBC calling the referendum results in favour of leaving the EU:

“Let the 23rd of June go down in our history as our Independence Day”

Farage went on to tweet:

We’ve got our country back. Thanks to all of you. #IndependenceDay

Even with snarling regressive Leftists, (who spent the entire campaign denigrating LEAVE supporters as xenophobic racists,) continuing to voice their rejected forebodings, the results clearly cement June 23rd as the day Britain declared it’s Independence from the failings of the technocrat tragedy (that is the EU).

So celebrate this historic event by singing that grand patriotic song loud and clear, “Rule, Britannia! rule the waves: “Britons never will be slaves.”

Food for thought