Food for thought – Islam and the Left hate the West

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

At the beginning of December last year XYZ readers may recall a video I linked to where Ben Shapiro concisely explained why the Left support radical Islam. As Shapiro states:

“The answer is because Leftist philosophy is based on the philosophy of the oppressed versus the oppressor. The way the Left judges the world is based on equality of outcome. All that matters is that everybody ends up equal. It doesn’t matter about equal opportunity. Leftism is based on the fundamental premise that everybody should end up the same.”

As we know the precedent for both Left-wing and Islamic governance around the world is absolutely abhorrent to say the least. They’re notoriously ruthless and oppressive towards fundamental freedoms of thought, speech and assembly, thus why their political outlook results in economic, religious and social misery.

Essentially the Left and Islam are united in their aim to destroy Western Judeo-Christian-humanist societies, in order to bring about their desired dystopias where socialism and sharia dictate the agenda.

While they may call themselves by innocuous labels like “anti-Fascists”, “anti-racists” and “the religion of peace” their own rhetoric and violent actions show them to be divisive authoritarians (who fan the flames of the perpetual battle between ever more narrowly defined groups of offended minorities).

Food for thought.