Food for thought – Irritable Bill Syndrome going terminal

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Just when I thought Labor leader Bill Shorten couldn’t become any more of an irritating little cretin, he reiterates his claim that a plebiscite on same-sex marriage could inflame homophobia in Australia, (linking the public vote to the Orlando LGBT nightclub club shooting – the largest mass shooting by a single gunman in American history).

To reiterate from a previous write-up, the Orlando shooter (Omar Mateen) was a 29-year-old homosexual regular at the nightclub in question, was a registered Democrat, (which is the U.S. Labor Party equivalent,) and carried out the attacks on behalf of ISIS, (yelling “allahu akbar” while murdering and wounding patrons).

Apparently pandering to the Green Left suggestion, that those who’d vote to retain the traditional definition of marriage are engaged in dialogue “about massacring gay people”, is considered popular rhetoric by the PC crowd.

While I’ll admit it’s a bold move by the worst opposition leader in Australian history, to be inferring that the vast majority of Australians who support traditional marriage are homophobes and terrorist enablers, I also think it’s pretty stupid rhetoric to be using at this stage in the election cycle.

Seeing as same-sex marriage is already legal in the U.S., (and didn’t seem to magically stop Omar from murdering other members of the LGBT community), what makes Bill think that labelling advocates of traditional marriage as closet terrorists, is going to reduce the animosity?

Food for thought.