Food for thought – David Cameron campaigns by exploiting murder

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

In an opinion piece written by David Cameron on Saturday, the British PM stated:

“It is not easy, in the wake of Jo’s murder, to turn to the question of Thursday’s referendum. But we must. For, as Jo had been pointing out so effectively over these past few months, our country now stands at a crossroads.  We face an existential choice on Thursday.”

Such an audacious move by PM Cameron, to invoke the high profile murder of an opposition colleague who supported his own “Remain” position, as to whether Britain stay or exit the European Union (EU).

With Davey proverbially wrapping his arm around the shoulder of Cox’s corpse, he paints the “Brexit” (Britain to exit the EU) position as being represented by the lone psychiatric loner who murdered her.

Urgh, Davey Cameron you’re a bloody ghoul, I hope you get hit by a lorry for this one (or better yet a landslide victory for Brexit).

Food for thought.