Britain Declares Independence Day


e030b80b2ff41c3e81584d04ee44408be273e4d31eb5124996f3_640_Great-BritainGood morning Europe. Welcome to Independence Day. A new era is dawning. Many will have expected to wake to news of a narrow Remain victory. Instead, Britain has voted to Leave the EU.

So much can be said about this historic vote. The EU just lost its strongest partner, outside of the German project leaders. Other referenda will inevitably be called for, and the EU will splinter.

What is remarkable about this is Democracy.

The people got to vote on something that mattered. They defied the media. They defied the mainstream political parties. They were resolute against the sabre-rattling of the EU. They ignored the threats of Obama. Perhaps they even saw through the veiled interests of the talking heads who commanded them to remain.

Let us hope that this is the start of a British led European revolution. Perhaps this is akin to the Battle of Britain.

Britain has freed the continent from Napoleon’s Euro dreams, from two World Wars, and Hitler’s Germanic led European vision, and now perhaps, even Merkel’s.

A few years back, the progressives got their dream of an Arab Spring, and the world has seen the results.

Today marks the beginning of something new in Europe, led by British Democracy against EU autocracy. The people of Europe will be emboldened by the actions of Britain, and a wave of revolution against political correctness and left wing propoganda will deliver real positive change, freeing Europe from the oppressive forces of the EU, and the madness of the Left.

Long live Democracy