Food for thought – The hoodwinking of Australia

Image edited by Ryan Fletcher
Image edited by Ryan Fletcher

Today activists from The Greens, Refugee Action Coalition, Socialist Alliance, ANTIFA (and the usual lowlife suspects) stormed the Immigration Department building in Melbourne and brought traffic to a halt. This complimented the media reportage of more ALP candidates having been involved with this open border “Refugees Welcome” collective (which most of these delinquents at the Immigration Dept. building today are part of).

This just goes to show how utterly horrific another Labor/Green Alliance could prove to be if Australian’s don’t wise up to what’s at stake.

Admittedly I’m not a fan of the pro-Islam rainbow republican Newspoll PM Malcolm Turnbull either (particularly after deliberately axing prominent conservative Cory Bernardi from the crucial top position on the South Australian Liberal Party Senate ticket) but a vote for the Labor/Green Left is just utterly suicidal.

While the integrity of our borders is a major issue escaping the focus of way too many Australians, I totally believe this triopoly of Liberal, Labor and the Greens will be proclaiming a common mandate post election day.

Destroying our constitutional monarchy, installing homosexual “marriage” (and a variety of other LGBTI-centric institutional reforms) and further funding the Islamisation of Australia will undoubtedly be spearheaded by these self-proclaimed “progressive” parties.

Make sure you don’t get hoodwinked by these crooks!

Food for thought.