When Stating the Facts Gets You Branded as a “Bigot”


Today’s Quote of the Day comes to us from the incisive British social commentator, Brendan O’Neill.

O’Neill writes:

“If you live in a society in which it’s a risky business to express opinions, that’s bad enough; if you live in one in which even saying factual things can see you being branded ‘bigoted’, then it’s really time to worry.”

And it really does seem like it is time to worry. You see, O’Neill wrote his piece: Fallen idol: Germaine Greer falls foul of the speech-policing tranny state published in today’s Spectator in response to feminist Germaine Greer “falling foul of [the] speech-policing tranny state.”

As O’Neill also observes:

“Back when she was a sassy feminist, complete with 1970s shag hair and a repartee in man-bashing one-liners, I bet Germaine Greer never imagined she’d one day get into trouble for saying that truck drivers with penises are not women.”

I would be willing wager $100 that this new kind of ‘right think’ would be the last thing Germaine Greer would expect to get her into hot water back in the 70s.

What an Orwellian world we now live in where patriarchy fighting feminists from the 1970s are now being condemned for daring to stand up for women!

Worrying times.