Food for thought – Islam and the Left (an affront to Australia)

Sadly this is no joke! Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Sadly this is no joke! Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

One would think the danger of bringing persons into this country, who subscribe to a worldview that thinks it’s okay to riot, rape and murder anytime someone merely draws a cartoon of their holy revelator, is something Australians should seek to avoid.

Though I’m sure most normal mainstream Australians would find this to be an utterly horrific objective to pursue, there are those in our country that profess solidarity with this worldview.

Amongst this Islamo-Internationale’ movement (such as the 3000 present at the “anti-racism and anti-fascism rally” last Sunday) are cadres of anarchists, socialists and communists. They mobilise under a number of organisations such as Socialist Alternative, ANTIFA, Refugees Action Coalition, Democratic Socialist Party and The Greens (aka the watermelons).

Like their Islamic friends, if you peacefully and bluntly express something in opposition to their PC worldview they will berate you with buzzwords (i.e. racist, fascist , bigot, ect) and use physical violence to silence you.

Meanwhile someone like Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young​, has attended a Hamas rally (a speaking engagement for a terrorist organisation) where participants held signs such as “JEWS HAVEN”T LEARN THEY NEEDS MORE THAN BEFORE” (sic).

Who are the “racists” and “fascists” again?

Food for thought