Food for thought – Will goobacks make the Left happy?


imageOften when I vent to my mother about what grinds my gears about the Left, Mum will comfortingly put a smile on my dial by saying:

“There’s only so much a Koala can bare.”

(Thanks Mum, love you too)

Anyways, it got me thinking as to what would make the Left happy? I mean, they seem to hate everything that can be even slightly traced to a white heterosexual capitalist male influence, where global warming and Islamic insanity are on the nose and lower taxes and deregulation are fair dinkum virtues.

Then it struck me, the Left want a world of subsistence living goobacks.

For those unfamiliar with the gooback it is a hairless, uniform mix of all races, whose skin is a yellowy, light brownish, whitish color that speaks a complete guttural mix of all world languages.

Now in case I’m wrong, The XYZ would like to gauge reader’s opinion via a poll:

Will the Left be happy when everyone resembles the goobacks (as featured in Season 8 Episode 7 of South Park)?

Food for thought.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.