Food for thought – Trumpifying the West

Image edited by Ryan Fletcher
Image edited by Ryan Fletcher

Cosmopolitan complacency has taken over Australia. In this year’s Federal election we face a three quarter contest where the major parties are openly pandering to gender-bender politics, indulging Islamic supporters and rubbishing our Constitutional Monarchy to show us all how “trendy” they are.

These elitist quislings, who aren’t worthy to kiss the feet of Australia’s poorest citizens, condescendingly lecture the average punter as to why they aren’t enlightened enough to comprehend government apologising for everything.

This is why the bold unapologetic approach of Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is not only resonating throughout America but here as well.

Westerners are sick to death of hearing why we need to chastise ourselves for existing and in turn rewarding career agitators who slag off at the silent majority for not praising their fringe dwelling lunacy of class-war and culture subversion.

While these “politically correct” dregs still whinge about the UC Davis pepper-spray incident, many feel charged up by Donald Trump’s attitude towards Patton and MacArthur (and would likely be happy to give some of these PC types a history lesson about Kent state university).

Though Australian politics looks bleak at the moment, hopefully a change is underway where Aussies are no longer afraid to step out of line (one by one) and say “I am Trump”.

Food for thought.