Food for thought – Rule of the dreaded Liboreen

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

For those whose apathy towards politics has blinded them to the reality of representation in the parliament, Australia is ruled by a synergy between the Islamophiles, rainbow republicans and enviro-nazi bra-burners.

Though the unwary voter may believe there’s a dissimilarity between Liberal, Labor and the Greens, really this is only an illusion. Like a hydra, the heads of these three parties share an unholy body that continually gives the one finger salute to the Australian citizenry.

Newspoll PM Malcolm Turnbull, gay golden rod Bill Shorten and refugee ranger Richard Di Natale are the present ugly mugs upon the neck of the beast known as the Liboreen.

What is needed is a metaphorical Hercules, to cut off one head, dip his sword in its neck and use its venom to burn each head so it shall not grow back.

Food for thought.