Food for thought – Pinko plant gets owned by Trump

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

During another packed Trump rally at a town hall in Exeter, New Hampshire on Thursday, Donald Trump levelled a magnificent bull-baiting blow against some pinko cretin from “Southern California”.

In the televised footage of the exchange we’re unable to hear what this limp liberal says exactly, however the loaded language implies that illegals are some benevolent hoard needing to be welcomed.

With some fractured cheers chiming in by fellow rent-a-stooges in the crowd, Trump gives his iconic bemused grin and asks the latte sipping Lefty “Who told you to be here? Bernie?”

In a screechy rebuttal the pinko “plant” yells back “illegal migrants are the back-bone of this country”. True to the steel reinforced Trump resolve, Donald deflates this windbag from Southern California by stating:

“Oh, illegal immigrants are the back-bone of this country? I don’t think so darling, “Let me just tell you something. You know what the back-bone of our country is? People that came here, and they came here legally. People who came here legally and they worked their ass off and they made the country great. That’s the back-bone!”

Watching Trump rip another one of these leftist agitators a new assh*le is quickly becoming a vice I can’t live without!

Food for thought.