Food for thought – A Gough-awful republic

Oh the Horror! Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Oh the Horror! Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Often the term “banana republic” is invoked by loyalists to God, Queen and Country when characterising costly calls by anti-monarchists who seek a structurally inferior republican model for Australia.

Personally I struggle to comprehend how anyone of sound mind can say they welcome having a snivelling little quisling like Turnbull, Shorten or dare I say Di Natale as our head of state.

In fact every overt republican I have come into contact with professes two beliefs; one being a delusional loathsome view of our Queen, and the second being a love affair with an attribute of the Whitlam government.

These “revolutionary” trendy republicans, many of whom innately blame the ills of the world on a consortium of proud white heterosexual males who refuse to bow to Green-Left agitation, epitomise everything I loathe about the opposition to our constitutional monarchy.

With former Army Chief David Morrison, the present dubious Australian of the year, seeking to make “domestic violence, pay equality and a republic” his primary concerns I foresee genuine discourse manifesting against the “progressive” establishment.

Food for thought.