Food for thought – Not my “Australian of the Year”

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

This “Australian of the Year” award brought to you by the Government–owned enterprise, National Australia Day Council, should make you question the agenda behind the awarded. Is it not reasonable to conclude that an award bestowed by a government outfit will go to someone serving the vested interests of that very government?

This brings me to the 2016 “Australian of the Year”, Former Lt Gen David Morrison, for his ‘commitment to gender equality, diversity and inclusion’. Honestly before the awards were even being given out I suspected it would follow along the same politically correct types as Adam Goodes and Rosie Batty (both of whom I am not very fond of to say the least).

After reading over Paul Zanetti’s article Advance Australia Where? I had my suspicions validated that these awards only served to reinforce the politically correct script of the establishment, which is more power to minorities at the expense of the majority.

For example I found it bewildering that David Morrison’s former employer, the Australian Defense Force (ADF), is in the business of pushing for tax-payer funded gender reassignment surgeries and sacking those with majority held religious views while bolstering certain other minority religious views.

But even further I struggle to see how a former serving ADF official, who swore an oath to God, Queen and the law of the land, can be rewarded for promoting insurrection against our constitutional monarchy for the promise of a banana republic.

If this is the route we are to pursue I suggest folk read a publication by my ancestor Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun entitled A discourse of government with relation to militias.

It outlines that a freeman should staunchly oppose standing armies as they are a means to expanding the power of the government in order to oppress the people. One should embrace citizen militias in resisting state aggression (as its very existence relies on funding by compulsorily acquired taxes from the conquered).

Food for thought.