Food for thought – Something Trump should dump

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Those people who follow my on-line commentary know I’m a big Trump fan, and some have queried me as to what I dislike about Trump’s policy outlook. Frankly if I had to be honest it would be in regards to his persistent suggestion that vaccinations are the causation of “rampant autism”.

He has raised on multiple occasions the example of an employee’s two-year old being diagnosed with autism a week after being vaccinated. Really that is the sort of anecdotal attestation I’d expect from Jenny McCarthy on the issue of vaccinations.

As fellow GOP candidate and renowned neurosurgeon Ben Carson explained to Donald Trump;

“There have been numerous studies and they have not demonstrated that there’s any correlation between vaccinations and autism.”

However this fact seems to escape the worldview of some on-line kooks drawn to the anti-vaccination movement.

Today for instance I was inundated with links (from rabid anti-vaxxers) to articles that ranged from the naturopathic/homeopathic narrative on allopathic medicine to the “tin foil hat” insane based sources. One individual conveyed to me that he believed vaccinations turned people into homosexuals (and that he thought “they need a lethal injection”).

It is important to note Donald Trump has repeatedly reassured voters that he is not an anti-vaxxer, and that he supports vaccines being delivered in “smaller doses over a longer period of time”. However it would be wise of Trump to dump his pandering to the anti-vaxxer sentiment if he genuinely wants to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

Food for thought.