Food for thought – Obomba wishes Iran’s Supreme Santa a Merry Christmas

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

As the year comes to an end US President Barack Hussein Obama reminds us all that he is as useless as tits on a bull when it comes to standing up for the free-world. Obama has listed amongst his “achievements” the Paris Climate agreement (which means “yes we can” send him the bill for all those international first class flights for overpaid bureaucrats to attend this masturbatory conference) and the Iran nuclear deal.

Seriously Obomba considers the Iran nuclear agreement an achievement, and I’m sure the Supreme Leader would agree.

This nuclear arms agreement with Iran, was tantamount to an early Christmas present from Obama and his cohorts. The deal was full of sanctions relief (to the tune of $100 billion-$150 billion) and laughably weak inspection requirements that allow the Iranians to determine when and where the inspections will take place.

Meanwhile the Iranians have launched a test-fired medium-range ballistic missile back in October.

While the world pats itself on the back over the UN endorsed peace process for Syria, I once again reflect on the words of Benjamin Netanyahu:

“The greatest threat facing humanity is a radical Islamist regime meeting up with nuclear weapons.”

Food for thought.