Food for Thought – Greens Hate Israel

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Late yesterday the Australian Greens Senator for New South Wales, Lee Rhiannon reiterated her vile calls for Australians to “end all military ties with the Israel government, military and companies.”

Israel, a tiny country surrounded by large primitive Islamo-centric Arab nations seeking to wipe Israel off the map, is a target of hate by the Australian Greens.

The Australian Greens, a leftist party that embraces seditious Islamic expansionism that is anti-West and anti-Zionist in its outlook, are seeking to convince Australians to sever ties with the sole democratic country in the region.

At present our country is embarking on an innovation partnership with Israel, in order to gain greater understanding from one of the most entrepreneurial lands on earth. However this clearly doesn’t seem to gel well with these “Greens”.

Israel’s passion for business, their significant scientific achievements, administration of the law and upholding of democratic values are the total antithesis of what the Greens truly are.

Australians should denounce the Greens entirely for their despicable rhetoric!

Food for thought.