Food for Thought – Men are Terrorists

Snip, snip fellas. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Snip, snip fellas. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

This week has been dedicated to spreading awareness about domestic violence against women and children, and our “leaders” have made the message loud and clear, men are generally on par with terrorists.

While I agree that violence against women and children is deplorable, it’s difficult to see how propagating demonising generalities against men is in anyway productive. And in my opinion, suggesting that boys need to be conditioned in order to be deemed acceptable individuals was a further contemptuous call.

Considering there’s been proposals by some “progressive” individuals for an International Castration Day I’d say the X and Y chromosome politics engulfing Australia at present isn’t just highlighting a genuine and legitimate issue – but is painting with such a broad brush, that half the Australian population must now be considered potential abusers.

In this current hostile climate, Australian men could be forgiven for deciding to not have relationships, not get married and never having children. They might say to themselves, in the wise words of Forrest Gump’s sweetheart Jenny, “RUN FORREST, RUN!!!” But of course if this happens, society’s basic unit will be further weakened and we all lose.

Food for thought.