Food for thought – Climate cult take to the streets

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Yesterday Professor Tim Flannery (aka Captain Planet) addressed a crowd of protesters at the “Climate March” in Sydney, where The Internationale anthem was traded in for When the Saints go marching in (yes these people are of the opinion that they’re engaged in some form of Sainthood).

Anyways, Captain Planet proclaimed to the awe struck audience:

“At least from where I’m standing this looks like the biggest climate march this country’s seen.”

Really who could blame this increasing number of devotees, who have been inculcated to the political cult of climate Armageddon. Daily we have been bombarded with this incessant propagandising from a Leftist dominated media who draw upon skewed pundits (hand-picked from the pulpit of organisations dependent on Global Warming hysteria).

With protesters carrying signs, wearing costumes, waving flags and banging drums at events across the country yesterday, I’m sure this “progressive” policy direction will help Australia become progressively worse as a result of this collectivist conclusion dubbed “the great moral challenge”.

Food for thought.