Food for thought – Turnbull x Shorten

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

In a fit of non-stop hysterical laughter, I managed to get through watching the latest episode of South Park season 19 ‘Tweek x Craig’ where the Asian-American students use the Japanese “art-style” yaoi to decide who is homosexual.

While watching, I was thinking how this episode may fit into the context of those occupying the upper echelons of our Parliamentary system (i.e. Newspoll Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and unelectable Opposition leader Bill Shorten).

Like Tweek and Craig, the two leaders clearly have some “emotional tension” going on. With the Speaker Tony Smith acting as the “PC principal” character, guiding the two through “affirmative consent”, it appears both parties want to shy away from the pressing question of “can I touch your policies?”

However, there is a third player in this “love” triangle with Richard Di Natale and his merry band of trendies in the wings. They would be best represented as the “Cupid me” character, in the sense that they fly around the place shooting people with their proverbial PC arrows, used in protecting those in the business of pissing in others’ mouths.

Food for thought.