Food for thought – Dismissal Day

Gough Whitlam gets the send off he deserves. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher.

Waking up this morning, to what I thought was a day of remembrance for fallen armed servicemen who had died in the line of duty for this country, I discovered that I had stepped into the Twilight Zone.

Instead, from what I could ascertain from ABC Breakfast, today is about remembering the sacking of that pinko Prime Minister Gough Whitlam (which was apparently a great injustice).
Whitlam’s Labor government had been so proficient at incompetence that only a month after this “great injustice” did the Coalition win the largest majority government in Australian history, winning 91 seats to Labor’s 36.

Though I’d like to think Fraser was so magnificent a leader that his month’s accomplishments were what won him the 1975 election, I’m pretty sure it was more likely that Australians had sized Whitlam up as the lemon he was.

Frankly to continue invoking this event 40 years later, as some sort of tongue in cheek swipe at our constitutional monarchy, just goes to show “it’s time” for a resurgence in support for the crown.

Food for thought.