Food for thought – Tony warns against the Islamofascist migration

Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Tuning in yesterday afternoon to the typically nauseating ABC “reportage”, I viewed multiple “progressive” pundits being rolled out to take swings at former Prime Minister Tony Abbott (who addressed the Margaret Thatcher Lecture banquet in London).

Tony praised the spirit of Lady Thatcher by stating,

“Her focus, were she still with us, would be on the things of most consequence. Managing the nation changing, culture shifting, population transfers now impacting on Europe. Winning the fight in Syria and Iraq, which is helping to drive them, and asserting Western civilisation against the challenge of militant Islam”

Tony reminded the attentive audience that “No country or continent can open its borders to all comers without fundamentally weakening itself,” further stating “The only way to stop people trying to gain entry is firmly and unambiguously to deny it — out of the moral duty to protect one’s own people and to stamp out people smuggling.”

This of course enraged the UN-praising Islamic-loving Left back here in Australia, who were likely brandishing their sandals ready to throw at the former PM.

Frankly, with hoards of migrants over-flowing from a radical region into Europe and beyond, I’m amazed that there isn’t greater aversion towards the Left in Australia (who seek to have our country indoctrinated and populated by caliphates).

Food for thought.