Food for thought – Barnaby gives meat muckraking the boot

Snags up! Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
Snags up! Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Yesterday’s announcement from the World Health Organisation (WHO) outlined that processed meats like bacon and sausages cause cancer, categorizing it alongside tobacco, alcohol and asbestos. Eagerly after hearing these initial reports I awaited a voice of reason to shine through this idiotic scaremongering of food.Predictably the voice that arose was from our straight talking Federal Agriculture Minister, Barnaby Joyce.

“If you got everything the WHO said was carcinogenic and took it out of your daily requirements, well you are kind of heading back to a cave.”

In so many words Barnaby went on to suggest that the hysterics that over-hyped the WHO’s findings would probably want us all to live off “bugs and nuts”. He further stated that they’d probably drop the bugs from the list, because they’d probably make another discovery that bugs are carcinogenic.

Yesterday’s muckraking of meat was reported alongside an undercover police operation to raid a black market solarium which has been allegedly operating in Victoria (where commercial solariums have been outlawed because of their cancer links).

Seriously are we going to be outlawing bacon and snags next in order to appease these hysterics seeing cancer left, right and centre?

Food for thought.