Food for thought – Allah for PM?

It worked for Rudd. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher
It worked for Rudd. Cartoon by Ryan Fletcher

Growing up my brothers and I routinely watched dad’s World War II VHS tapes, most notably Frank Capra’s ‘Why We Fight’ films (which were commissioned by the United States Government).

In Capra’s film, ‘Prelude to War’, the viewer is presented an overview of two worlds; the slave and the free. Reflecting on this film, I now see a similar distinction coming into focus once again between our liberal democracy and the Islamofascist revolutionaries affiliated with ISIS, al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah.

As the explosive interplay between the Dar al-Islam (“house of Islam”) and the Dar al-Garb (“house of the West”) unfolds, many depictions from “Prelude to War” resurface in my mind when I see the extensively graphic propaganda campaign being waged for hearts and minds around the world.

Like a game of ideological chess, the slave world and the free world are playing for superiority over the other, the question is which world would you rather see triumph?

Food for thought.

Link: ‘Prelude to War’